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Peter Thiel Reflects on Lessons from PayPal for Japanese Students (Q&A 1/2)

Peter Thiel Reflects on Lessons from PayPal for Japanese Students (Q&A 1/2)

Known as the founder of PayPal and a Silicon Valley venture capitalist, Peter Thiel came to speak with Japanese college students about his new book “Zero to One.” In the following Q&A session, he shared his observations on successful startups, the startup scene in Japan, and whether he thinks artificial intelligence will overtake humans.  


Cannes Ad Medalist Reveals his Creative Roots

This summer, while doing an internship at Dentsu, Japan’s largest ad agency, I had the opportunity to learn about many intriguing behind-the-scene stories. Though rowdy at parties, Takashi Sakuma tried to keep his cool as our instructor during the day. I wanted to know more about him, so we re-connected for a friendly chat between

Inside the Mind of “Mario” Creator Shigeru Miyamoto

Whether you’re a gamer or not, classics like “Super Mario Bros.” and “The Legend of Zelda” are universally recognized. Shigeru Miyamoto, their legendary creator, made a foray into film as he premiered the “Pikmin” shorts at the Tokyo International Film Festival. I had the opportunity to meet and discuss with the man responsible for brightening


Evangelion Mastermind Anno Confesses Love for Anime

When I was preparing for my college entrance exams last spring, I began watching anime as a pastime. Shocked upon completing Neon Genesis Evangelion, I was entranced by the art of anime. The Tokyo International Film Festival this year hosted a feature on the anime’s director, Hideaki Anno. As I tried to subdue my exhilaration,


Student Activist Fights Political Apathy Among Japan Youth

Back in high school, I participated in a brainstorming forum for potential policies with politicians from the national legislature. As amazed as I was to be able to engage with knowledgable legislators, I was even more surprised to discover that this event was hosted by a then-high school student, Yamato Aoki. With Both of us