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Python Conference Chairman: Building a Programming Community, One Coder at a Time

Python Conference Chairman: Building a Programming Community, One Coder at a Time

Pycon Ireland is one of the conferences on the Python programming language that is held by their respective regional chapters around the world. These events are attended by Python enthusiasts, who come to learn more about Python by attending talks and engaging with each other. I was fortunate to be selected as one of the

Internet Pioneers Place Next Bet on Blockchain

In recent years, the Blockchain technology has been garnering a lot of attention. Despite its nascencent form, it is already revolutionizing information technology. After all, Bitcoin, one of its applications, has already gained traction in the finance industry. How can blockchain further transform society? To discuss its potential, Joi Ito, Director of MIT Media Lab,

Juggling Rookie Floors World Championship

Strolling through the park, one occasionally comes upon the sight of jugglers practicing their acts and honing their skills. Although the jugglers appear to be easy-going and performing leisurely, they actually take their crafts quite seriously. Among the members of this guild is an upcoming youth who recently floored the world competition; Ryosuke Ubukata became

Sweeney Todd Returns for Another Fearful Shave

Run for your life, the demon barber’s coming back! With its black humor and wicked tempo, Sweeney Todd has established itself in musical lore. To take a peek into its revival in Japan, we called upon the devil himself, Masachika Ichimura.   What memories of Sweeney do you have? It was 30 years ago when

For Norwegian Entrepreneur, Berlin is the Next Silicon Valley

Berlin’s former governor once declared his city “poor but sexy”. A city remembered more for its political division, Berlin is now becoming a booming center for European startups, à la Silicon Valley. As one of the entrepreneurs who early on saw opportunity here, Espen Systad developed a personalized radio dubbed Yuki Sato, a startup

Beat Goes On for Final Fantasy Composer, Nobuo Uematsu

Final Fantasy has amassed a global following ever since its launch in Japan nearly 30 years ago. Shipping over 100 million copies, the endearing series provokes hype and excitement whenever a new installment is released. The fantasy franchise is not only acclaimed for its grand narrative, but its accompanying music also attracts fanatics. Nobuo Uematsu,

European Progressive Rock Fest Stirs Fans in Tokyo

Progressive Rock is an art that transcends generations. Popularized in the 70s, “Prog” still attracts the devotion of its aging fans in addition to a younger legion of newer converts. The bands of this genre strive to open musical frontiers by fusing influences from all hemispheres. Four such pioneers recently gathered at the Kokusai Forum